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Originally Posted by Bender View Post
Firstly, it doesn't matter if Bettman storms out of the room and gets angry. Watch his press conference and he explains WHY in detail.

They were all set to sign the deal and all they needed was a 'YES' from the players, instead, they got a bunch of other modifications to their conditions. Fehr decided to hold out for more and it's pissing off the league. I don't care much for Fehr but it's his RIGHT to do that if he wants. That's the reason he was hired. I personally believe that there is some risk involved in that but I'm guessing Fehr believes he can get more.

I get what you mean about the issues on contract length. I don't quite get it either. It's almost a mechanism to prevent GMs from being too ********. (Don't kid yourself, they'd still be plenty ******** with a fixed term, but I guess it wouldn't be for as long) Still, if those are the issues that they are fighting for, so be it. I read that the NHLPA offered 8 years. You have to believe that somewhere down the line, they should be able to negotiate a number between 5 and 8.

I don't believe that the reasons it 'went off the cliff' is 100% accurate. Someone from the league side said that if Fehr was going to 'come back into the room' that might be a deal-breaker. Well, I don't believe the league could expect Sidney Crosby to draw up a legal agreement or make decisions of that nature for 700 guys, after all that's what they hired Fehr for anyways.

But again, this is ALL part of negotiations and tactics and strategies. Perhaps after getting things so close, even the slight notion that putting Fehr back in screwed up the process of an eventual deal could be seen as a black mark against the leader of the PA with his own membership.

And don't kid yourself, that voicemail horsecrap is an absolute joke. If you're in the middle of negotiating with the other party and you've made them a proposal and THEY ****ING CALL YOU ON THE PHONE, you answer the damn thing!! They let it go to voicemail, on purpose because they knew what the reaction/answer was going to be AND because they figured they'd use it to make the league look bad.

Lots of posturing still going on, BOTH SIDES but we're closer than we were before.

Bob MacKenzie tweeted something interesting today. There are 89 players on contracts that were signed to longer than 5 years. Of those 89, just over half are on 6-7 year deals as UFA or RFA with their own clubs. So a 5 year contract term limit could conceivably apply to just over 40 players. (5.7% of the players)
Poor Brandon Yip, he'll never sign that 10 year contract he's been looking for.
I agree with everything you said here, except the last part. Even if it's only a few players on longer deals, having that right is still a big deal. You could say the same thing on the flip side anyway, that if it's so few players, than it's not really something the league needs to die on the hill for.

The reason it went off the cliff I mentioned in regard to the Leafs owner was reported by Dreger or one of the other insiders, as THE turning point when things went from cordial and optimistic, to upset and confused. The two moderate owners offered up the money they realized they had to, but did it first in the process instead of holding out to the last second, and when the PA made a counter offer instead of accepting the deal. The Leafs bring in the most revenue in the league, that's why he is the one that's most upset. When they agree to the numbers, he is the one that has to give more money to the struggling teams.

As you say, if the PA offered 8, there should be a way to find a middle ground there, but you don't do that by breaking off negotiations, and taking your offer off the table. Bettman does that pretty much after every meeting. It's his strategy, and it may work against someone less experienced than Fehr, but as it is it just draws things out.

They were so close, it's ridiculous they called the whole thing off, even if they had issue with what was being offered, or that Fehr and Bettman got back involved. Especially when according to Hainsey the owners on the other side were arguing with each other because they weren't clear on what their own proposal was. You can't be negotiating in that environment. If they make you an offer, and you soften your stance and agree to something, and they come back and say the owners have decided they don't want to make that offer after all, you've already showed your hand and softened your stance. At least in that regard, I understand the PA's desire to bring back the leaders to get everyone on the same page.

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