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12-08-2012, 11:34 AM
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Originally Posted by diceman934 View Post
That sounds would also work.

The NHL wants to control themselves with the 5 year term....they are saying they can not help themselves and want a clause that protects themselves from themselves.....the 5 year and 7 if it is your own effectively makes free agency mute.....the current team can offer more term....and hence more money and there is no way the players should except this.

They battled hard for UFA and now the NHL wants to eliminate it effectively.....the only way a player would leave is if they were going to be paid vastly more over 5 years. If that is the hill that the NHL is going to die on....die on it they will!
It's partially that, but I think it also protects them from possible accusations of collusion should they manage to control themselves and limit contracts to 5 year terms. If max contract length is negotiated in the CBA, there is no ability for collusion charges down the road.

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