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12-08-2012, 11:47 AM
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Pass on the Blue Jackets one. They already have enough high priced defensemen's(Wisniewski, Johnson, and Tyutin. Add Aucoin if the lockout ends) and they're set in that position in my opinion. I would rather give Ballard's spot to the young guys (*Murray,Erixon,Moore,Savard). If the Blue Jackets were to acquire anothe defensemen, I would think it would be a defensive defensemen. Would also prefer them to spend the money towards a forward, rather then bring in Ballard's contract.
*Murray is out for the season but the same idea goes for the next 2 years of Ballard's contract

Also, good chance that the 2nd round pick will be high and with a rebuild, I'm sure they'll keep it. Watching a video that was posted on their official site, they were talking about their 3 first round picks and then mentioned that the 2nd round pick will be high and to me, I got a vibe that they're keeping it.

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