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Originally Posted by Sydor25 View Post
The NFL was able to solve their issues without missing any games. Why? Because the cost of missing games was greater than playing them. Doesn't have anything to do with the complexities of the economics.

Even the uber-rich NFL messed around with replacement refs for no good reason. Billionaires are used to getting what they want and will fight over petty things. It's only when there is damage to their product that they "come to their senses". If the replacement refs were doing a decent job, they officials would probably still be out of work or would have signed a worse deal to get back to work.

I used to follow Leeds in the EPL until they lost all of their good young talent to the uber-rich teams and were relegated to the lower leagues. Now I follow Manchester United because I know they will always be competitive and won't just be a feeder team. Plus most of their games are shown in the US. The EPL sounds like the league you want he NHL to emulate.
sounds like MLB to me.............if the NHL goes that way, I'm gone.

I agree with you

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