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12-08-2012, 11:57 AM
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AT this stage of the process my support has turned to the owners. I think Donald Fehr is very good at what he does and understands business but much like his Commissioner counterpart, I think he (they loose the context in who the product really is for.

As for Hainsey, the guy is standing up for what he believes in. In my books there is harm or foul in that at at. Not even saying that because he is a Jet, I'm saying that because I can respect leadership and commitment to a set of beliefs. The only difference between guys like him (and all players for that matter) and Fehr/Bettman is that he (they) are the product. I don't think it is fair to cut guys like him down for taking a very difficult stance on some very important issues. In fact, I would say he has earned some new respect for me (not that it matters really).

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