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12-08-2012, 11:58 AM
Gary says it's A-OK
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we each see it our own way, but Tanenbaums comment came after he saw Fehr in action

adrian dater stated that a player mentioned that Fehr instructed his guys to disregard the offer and hold-out for more!

so much for tweets huh?

the union has gone far past the tipping point to where any kind of gain in this dung-storm has already been negated by losses. The newest of the casual fans in the US may never come back thereby making the 50% not quite as attractive as it would be if the game would continue to grow even by an average of the last 3 years.

I don't see where it gets the owners to keep this lock-out going, specifically ones like Tanenbaum whose club really does lose a lot of money when the doors are shut, or a guy like Vinick who's been pouring money into that team and arena in order to attract and keep fans and who badly needs the momentum of the last few years in order to re-coup some of his investment. I can't explain it all can you?

I have not heard one reasonable explanation from the player-centrics as to why the owners are doing this other then the mis-placed notions that the PA propoganda machine keeps reiterating. Tired notions of the players giving, giving, giving and the owners taking taking taking and the players as victims of the man and how Bettman somehow controls guys like Snider, Jacobs and Anschutz and makes them do his evil bidding.

It's all non-sense, for one while Gary Bettman may be the point man for the owners, he is their employee and so does their consensus bidding. Fehr seems to be running his own operation based entirely on an agenda that only he knows. It just seems odd to me that the owners said we have to have these items and Fehrs response was to negate all of them, not one or two but all three.

as Tanenbaum said "if I didn't see it for myself I wouldn't have believed it"

There are still more then a few owners in baseball who could've told them all about it

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