Thread: Other: Lockout Signings, Part II
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12-08-2012, 12:09 PM
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Originally Posted by fedfed View Post
KHL/NHL memorandum doesn't make a difference between RFA and UFA IIRC (that's why the likes of Vladimir Tarasenko, KHL RFAs, could walk away freely). It is about whether player has a current contract or not. ROR doesn't.

O'Reilly has no affiliation with the NHL without a contract... simply a restriction in the context of the non-existent NHLPA-NHL relationship which dictates that the Colorado Avalanche have the right to match any NHL contract he wishes to sign.

The Avs & NHL have absolutely no claim to the KHL about O'Reilly. He's a free agent an free to chose where he wants to play.

Originally Posted by Lonewolfe2015 View Post
Two words, Denis Parshin.

I really don't understand why he couldn't notify them. On one hand people say he has no contract, so if he has no contract why would league rules apply to him? On the other he is a RFA, during a lockout season, so he hasn't been released from the club. His Dec 1st deadline has passed to play in the NHL this season, would that be a problem or not?

There's a billion technicality questions that this lockout causes, but the one which has yet to be answered is why the KHL would have dominion over our RFAs AND their own RFAs but the NHL clubs wouldn't.
Both the NHL and NHL Players have been instructed not to talk to each other. It circumvents the collective bargaining process.

The KHL doesn't have claim to free agents any more than the NHL does, unless signing a KHL contract gives the KHL team a mechanism to extend the contract without the player's consent. This would be similar to the NHL-Team elected arbitration, where by a certain date a team can force the extension of certain player's contracts at a salary as determined by arbitrator.

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