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12-08-2012, 12:21 PM
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Facebook Privacy Question

So, this came up at work yesterday, and nobody knew the answer. I thought maybe a wise person here did.

We all know privacy is a bit of a sham in the online world, and even the most private of security settings have loopholes for companies that are interested enough to poke around in your profile.

So, we got to discussing what happens when you delete or deactivate your profile.

Presumably, if you actually do 100% delete your profile, it is gone and any scandals involving pictures you posted or inappropriate comments you made disappear. Does that seem correct?

We were just unsure about deactivating a profile. If you deactivate, it can still be brought back at a later date. However, what about that intervening time? Is it still searchable by the powers that be? Or does it really seem just as deleted as a real deletion, and all your idiotic choices you chose to post on social media are not possible to find?

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