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12-08-2012, 12:27 PM
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Originally Posted by seanlinden View Post
They're not going to rewrite contracts.... Luongo has 9 years left on his contract. Outs or not, the fact is that it's there, and there's a realistic possibility that Luongo's contract extends beyond the length of the CBA anyways.

What do you do after giving up a good package and Kipper walks in a year? Well, that depends on why Kipper's walking.

If it's because James Reimer has emerged, then you do very little. You resign him to a contract, and either pursue a backup goaltender, or maybe you have one internally at that point.

If it's because he can get more money elsewhere, and you don't have an adequate replacement, you make it so that he can't get more money elsewhere. Realistically...players are generally adverse to moving when things are going well, and will often take a hometown discount. Sure, there's the possibility that things don't go well, that's inherent with any goalie... great thing about Kipper, is that it's a very easy separation if things don't go well.

If it's because he wants a final kick at the can to try and win a cup, then you've got substantially bigger problems, and are probably rebuilding at that point anyways... in which case you certainly don't want 7 years of a 35 year old goaltender on the books..

That being said, under the assumption that Calgary is ready to rebuild (I don't believe they are)... I do wonder about the possibility of a deal between Toronto, Calgary, and Los Angeles. Send Bernier & Kadri to Calgary (much better than waiting on draft picks). Send Kipper to Toronto. Send Ben Scrivens, Carter Ashton and a 2nd from each of Toronto & Calgary to Los Angeles.
Why not just send Kadri and a 2nd for Kipper?

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