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12-08-2012, 12:28 PM
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Originally Posted by diceman934 View Post
I do not think that the players will settle with the current 5 year or 7 if it is your own free agent.....they will settle if both numbers are the same and I say it is 6 years.....the year to year variance will also likely go to 10%.

Time will tell...
The idea behind 5&7 is for teams to help keep their players. That doesn't mean that another team who has the cap space cannot outbid the home team, though. I think this would actually benefit the players, as it could drive their value up. The home team offered me 7 years @ $5M, I'm not even considering leaving for less than 5 years @ $6M.

The year to year variance could potentially go up to 10%, as it would mean the ending salary would need to be at least half of the starting salary (53.14%) on a 7 year home-town deal, instead of the 73.5% that it would work out to with a 5% year to year variance. I believe this value to be slightly negotiable (if contract length limit is accepted), and as long as it doesn't allow for ridiculously lopsided contracts, it would be accepted.

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