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Originally Posted by therealkoho View Post
Tanenbaum is a savvy businessman and quite ruthless in his own right otherwise his success would be miniscule.

To have him say he was taken aback by the duplicitous behaviour of Don Fair, is saying a lot. As an owner in the MLS&E empire and as a head honcho in the construction business, he no doubt has seen a lot of ******-baggery up close and personal.

While the owners are no angels the problem in these negotiations is now self-evident
I think the real problem comes from the disconnect between Fehr and the players.

You put 6 billionaires / mega-millionaires (all of whom are extremely business savvy) in a room with 18 under-educated jocks, and I don't think you need an MBA to know who's going to win that negotiation.

The move to get the head honchos out of the room was a great play by the NHL. Gary Bettman isn't an better of a negotiator than Larry Tannenbaum or Ron Burkle.... Donald Fehr is a substantially better negotiator than Sidney Crosby or Ron Hainsey. From a labour relations standpoint, if you're running a more "normal" (say the auto workers) union who's in a work stoppage... are you really going to put assembly line workers in the room with the C-level execs?

The players hired Fehr becuase they wanted to get the best deal they could possibly get. If they were just interested in playing, Fehr either wouldn't have been hired, or been hired with a secret deadline of when they would agree to a deal. If Fehr has a deadline, I suspect that would've been when an 82 game season is still possible, or maybe when a season is still possible.

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