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Originally Posted by ThatCrazyRangerFan View Post
Is it good? Pay or no? Etc...sounds interesting
It's great.

There are a bunch of different pay options. You can download it for free, which comes with some restrictions, a max amount of in game currency you can carry, limited vault space for items, etc.

I bought it for $5 at Best Buy, which removed most of those restrictions. I think there's a Steam subscription you can buy also which removes the restrictions and then gets you a few random perks like cool looking armor/vehicles or something. There's also an online marketplace where you can spend real money on items, to fast forward your character or become a "wallet warrior," which I don't do. It's really not necessary and I haven't seen a noticeable gap between wallet warrior and play for free players.

It's not like Diablo where enemies drop usable items like armor and weapons. Everything you get you get through crafting, so enemies drop crafting components. I had never played a game like this, so this is my favorite part. There might be as many as 10,000 things you can craft from armor to weapons to vehicles (I'm working on a dune buggy right now.)

There is a main game quest which is essentially to figure out why the world is a post apocalyptic waste, but each town has its own mini-story as to what happened to that town, comprised of maybe 10-50 quests, and there are tons of stand-alone side quests as well. Kill 10 of these things and get money and exp., etc.

Fallen Earth has one of the largest continuous MMORPG maps in existence and there are a ton of achievements associated with exploring the map, which I find to be really fun.

It's more modern so there's no magic, but there are mutations, which are similar. I play as a rifle character so the few I use are geared towards enhancing my armor or my rifle damage. There are telekinetic, psionic, sonic, and elemental damage mutations as well.

There are no classes of characters to choose at the beginning, how your character is structured depends on what you do in the game and what you put accumulated attribute points into. My character is strong in riflery and armor as well as scavenging and crafting.

There are six factions in the game which sort of take the part of character classes, but they don't come until later on when you've established what type of character you are. You generally identify as one faction, are allied with two, and enemies of the other three, which dictates which towns are friendly and hostile to you later on in the game. They are:

Enforcers (good for riflery and armor)
Lightbearers (good for medic-related skills and melee weapons)
Vista (good with nature and animal related skills)
Children of the Apocalypse (good with damage causing mutations)
Travelers (good with stealth, social skills, melee weapons, and scavenging)
Techs (good with vehicles, riflery, and other science skills)

The basic classes of things you can craft are:
Ballistics (rifles, pistols, crossbows)
Weaponry (Light and heavy melee weapons)
Cooking (food which regens health, stamina, gamma)
Science (Grenades, Vehicles, Specially enhanced Armor)
Nature (Poisons, nature components, Pets, Mounts (horses))
Medical (healing devices and enhancements)
Construction (Camps and crafting component harvesters)

There are downsides to the game too:

For many 'wallet warrior' abilities and achievements are hallmarks of bad games. I find the achievements to be fun (There are probably 5,000+ of those)

PvP is filled with jerks (which is why I don't do it)

Traveling is kind of annoying, some of the towns are spaced pretty far apart. One of your firsts quests teaches you how to train (craft) a horse, and a later one gets you an ATV, but it only gets marginally better. On the plus side, there are always old buildings and side quests and random special enemies to be found between areas.

The Faction system basically eliminates some towns and quests for you unless you play the game through as a different faction. Not a big deal, but I could see it irritating some gamers who are used to a Diablo, go everywhere type of gameplay.

Some crafts are multi-tiered and take quite a while. My Dune buggy is made up of crafts of sub components, each of which take 3-10 hours. I don't mind the difficulty and planning it requires though.

There is so much to the game, it can be tough to keep track of. I have maybe 20 pages of spreadsheets organizing things for me and close to 50 waypoints I've created in the game to help me find stuff.

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