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12-08-2012, 12:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Steel Panther View Post
We're done.

Originally Posted by RainingRats View Post
The latest update leads me to believe this season will be cancelled. That sucks.

I hope so. I've already paid for tickets - I'm not interested in watching a condensed season of exhibition hockey (out of shape players, sloppy play, more injuries) shoved into an inconvenient schedule where I have to miss most of the games just so ownership can get their 60 games in and not lose any revenue from their sponsors (60 games is the contractual cut-off).

Just cancel it.

Originally Posted by Ghoste View Post
Upshall tweeted that owners treating players like cattle. You're a Panther and I'll still cheer for you when you get back on the ice but c'mon dude. You had 8 points last season including the playoffs and got paid $3.5 million. Cattle, no... More like Xerxes.


Originally Posted by KittysGotClaws View Post
It's going to be tough to root for a lot of these guys after this is all settled thanks to the players' inability to resist tweeting. With the economy how it is, this is a really bad time to try to convince me I need to understand you need to make a few more millions.

The problem with the NHL is that you have a handful of teams that make money by the wheelbarrow and the rest of the teams that make some money or lose money.

In order to have a "fair" league you need to have a cap and teams spending a relatively even amount of money.

The players think the owners should fix this by increasing profit sharing among the owners, since the big money makers certainly benefit from having a large vibrant league to play in.

The owners think that to fix this, the players should accept lower salaries than a truly free market would bear. They want to be protected from themselves and their tendency to give overly long, overly costly contracts.

You can argue that the players "make too much money and should just shut up and play", but I think if you look at the big picture, the players central argument is more defensible.

That's not to say that they (Fehr & the players) aren't to share in the blame, but I think the current lockout lies mostly on ownership & their muscle, Bettman.

Expecting the players to take a dive and concede just because the economy is bad and letting the owners off the hook when the league is making record profits doesn't seem very logical.


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