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What did the Hockey Hall of Fame think of these goalies?

First off, I think the HHOF committee is very political and their decisions are often questionable. But I do think it's interesting to look at their decisions.

These are the first 8 goalies inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. Paddy Moran and Percy LeSeuer were from an earlier generation of goalies, so I don't think they are directly comparable. But I do think it's noteworthy that Lehman and Thompson were among the first 6 goalies to be enshrined. (And what of Alec Connell?)

1945: Charlie Gardiner, Georges Vezina
1958: Alec Connell, Hugh Lehman, Paddy Moran
1959: Tiny Thompson
1961: George Hainsworth, Percy LeSeuer

Note that Hap Holmes wasn't inducted until 1972.


This is when the more recent goalies were inducted. Unless I missed Billy Smith's actual retirement date by a year, Grant Fuhr was the only first ballot guy.

Harry Lumley. Retired 1960, inducted 1980, waited 20 years
Gump Worsley. Retired 1974, inducted 1989, waited 6 years
Ed Giacomin. Retired 1978, inducted 1987, waited 9 years
Rogie Vachon. Retired 1982, waiting 30 years, still not in
Billy Smith. Retired 1989, inducted 1993, waited 4 years
Grant Fuhr. Retired 2000, inducted 2003, waited 3 years

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