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Originally Posted by egd27 View Post
I simply don't understand why some fans seem to feel they should be involved in how the revenue is split up, rather than just determine how much revenue is available. If you don't like how things are being run, vote with your wallet. It's that simple.
Well as a Leaf fan, there is no other team, some may watch other sports with an eye to what is cheapest but I bleed Blue and White and people in those other venues that don't appreciate hockey can go watch whatever sport they want and pay for their passion but not just go to watch hockey because I help pay for them to do so.

I seldom get down to the ACC now because of the cost involved and at one time I used to go to the Gardens almost every week to watch the Leafs but that was when you could afford to go and watch them, if prices accelerate to a point where it becomes impossible to see a game at the ACC, I will be only able to catch a game on the TV and that may become a paying proposition soon and that I also will have an issue with.

Should I get riled and want to get involved in the Talks Darn right!

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