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12-08-2012, 12:56 PM
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Player lines breaking?

Just like most people here expected, players are starting to crumble.

The fact is, too, that the number of players who are getting more and more sceptical with each of their leaderís pronouncements has been growing constantly.

Iíve talked to more than a dozen such players with growing concerns of one kind or another about the unionís direction. Some of them have begun talking to their colleagues, not only their teammates but to other players from other teams, too, comparing notes and coming up with interesting conclusions.

Such as: how come, when there are two binding offers on the table, do we not get to read them so we can decide whether we want to vote on either or both of them? The explanation they get is itís their negotiating committee that makes those calls and recommends whether this or that should be put to a vote. Trust your negotiating committee.

Judging by a number of conversations with players from several NHL teams, the unconditional trust that the NHLPA brass used to enjoy is no longer there. And that includes the negotiating committee membership, also. So, these players persist: stop telling us thereís a better deal to be had, just let us know precisely where weíre at right now. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Right now.

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