Thread: GDT: Lockout Thread II
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12-08-2012, 01:03 PM
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This could probably be a thread within itself, but it seems like a lot of anger is directed towards players because of the money they make and are fighting for. How much do you guys think these guys should be paid? In the end, it is just a game right? They play sports for a living. Should that be a 7 to 8 figure salary?

I don't know, I should be mad because here I am without a job and they are fighting for millions of dollars. But I'm not really because I guess if someone is willing to pay them that then whatever.

It's just hard for me to get on board with the owners. They came up with the new cap system then did their best to exploit that system by adding ridiculous amounts of years to contracts. Are the players supposed to turn that down? Then the owners coming back wanting a contract limit, but I'm sure there will be another way they'll find to exploit the system. This all leaves less money for the players.

But still, do they deserve millions, tens of millions, hundreds of thousands? What should be the salary of someone who plays sports for a living? A lot of people just want them to accept less and just play hockey cause really it's millions of freaking dollars still but they feel like they are worth more.

I guess, I just think the whole thing comes down to the fact that pro athletes salaries have gradually become more and more to the point of ridiculousness. However, the ones upping these salaries are the owners. It's hard to blame someone for taking more money and then getting angry when that money is taken away (not based on performance).

But still it's millions of dollars and I've got like 10 bucks in my bank account right now. Ugh. Both sides get on my nerves.

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