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Originally Posted by BrainOfJ View Post
I am sure there are very few things politically that Andrew Ference and I agree on politically...doesn't stop him from being my favorite Bruin.

Just as I know Eddie Vedder and I don't agree on anything...doesn't stop me from loving Pearl Jam.

Entertainers are allowed to have opinions and human thoughts. As long as Thomas stopped pucks(which he did better than any goalie in the history of the regular season and postseason for us) than I dont care what he believes...and neither should you. I dont understand why athletes should have restricted rights?
I don't care about politics, especially in your country, hence I don't care about Thomas' political opinion.

I just hate the fact he had to make himself bigger than the team when he chose not to go to the White House. I mean, this event wasn't about politics at all. It was about the Bruins' Stanley Cup victory, so imo, he just should of swallowed it and shaken Obama's hand since it's nothing personal between those two I guess. Why make such a drama out of it?

But what I hated even more was the fact he chose not to play during the next season so his market value decreases and thus Chia wouldn't be adle to trade him. Imo, if you sign a contract you should fulfill that contract. In North American sports, it's normal if you get traded. He knows that; it's part of the game. The crap he pulled just makes me sick.
He spit right in the face of his team mates and his fans.

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