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12-08-2012, 01:15 PM
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As I read it, the nurse who originally got the call put it through to the attending nurse, and the nurse who put the call through is the one who killed herself, not the attending who gave confidential info to the pranksters. But either way, the nurse committing suicide overreacted if this spurred her into action, just as if she hadn't killed herself but if her bosses had ordered someone to kill her over this, or if some deranged fan of the royals took it upon himself to kill her for forwarding the call, those people would be over-reacting to it.

The Djs did nothing wrong, imo. They called the hospital in fake voices and asked for info. They got put through to someone who talked to them. That's not their problem. If anyone can call up the hospital in a funny voice and ask for info on a patient, that's bad on the hospital, it's procedures, protocols, training programs, employee practices and manuals. if they do that with a high profile patient like the Prince's wife, what do they do with the average bloke? Can anyone call in and ask how Mr. Jones is doing and get put through to his nurse? Does the UK even have patient confidentiality, or is that not an issue there (I don't know)?

It's awkward for the DJs that the nurse offed herself, but they should not feel any guilt in her action. Maybe her bosses harangued her over it; maybe her husband griped at her about it, maybe her co-worklers cramped to her about it, teased her, whatever - I have no way of knowing, but if the DJs didn't tell her to kill herself I don't see them responsible for her doing it.

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