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12-08-2012, 01:30 PM
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the thing about those wrists shots that go in everytime is that if in real life a player was able to be in the slot looking directly at the goal with no one in front of him, most likely he will take the wrist shot and probably beat the goalie.

the only thing is that rarely happens cuz every one is usually covered, or at least the player with the puck in the slot does not have a clear shot at the goal. be it blocks, stick lifts, or checks.

the only problem in game is that players are all over the place, u constantly switch from player to player and pull them out of position. everyone including myself does it. this leaves the open slots.

so when i play people who only know how to do that shot, they might get 1 or 2 but then i realize its the only tactic they have and i only have to focus on stopping the player with the puck from getting a clear shot at the goal.

it sucks when they get the first or second off but it becomes pretty clear pretty quickly and you just have to adjust how u play.

zetter put it best.

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