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12-08-2012, 01:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Hawkaholic View Post
And the players want longer contracts so the mid tier and lesser players can make more money. Insurance covers up to 7 years IIRC, so if an owner wants to take a risk on the 8th year, thats their choice. Its a joke that they need a rule to save them from themselves.
Insurance has changed from what I heard

Only will cover 5 years going forward

And how about the Preds ,, What choice did they have when the Flyers tried to steal there star player with BS front loaded offer? Its about leveling playing field as much as it has to do with insurance

Thus why 5 yr UFA , 7 yr own guy makes alot of sense

And just because a few owners are giving out outlanding deals doesn't mean it should be acceptable ,, And they cant control it outside CBA because that would be called collusion

And the top tier players saying this is about the mid tier low tier guys is BS ,, Its about the stars and they want to be able to continue to front load longterm deals and get big bonus money upfront... That is why NHLPA wants 25% variance not 5% variance on contracts

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