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12-08-2012, 01:54 PM
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Originally Posted by FissionFire View Post
You aren't very well versed on the current issues with MLB or you'd never say that. Dominance is measured by more than just World Series wins. And teams most certainly are not forced to spend revenue sharing money. In fact, the biggest gripe the deep pocket teams have right now is that many of the small teams simply maintain a low payroll and pocket huge profits from revenue sharing. I'd have to go look for it, but there a wonderful article not long ago detailing how for smaller teams increasing payroll actually decreases profits, even if you go from a crappy team to a title contender. Baseball's version of labor peace is essentially a system that no other league will ever adopt. The owners wanted (and overall still want) a salary cap but right now the system makes everyone tons of money so nobody is rocking the boat. I can promise you that MLB owners would take the last NHL CBA in a heartbeat and laugh all the way to the bank. To say that a system in which one player can earn more in a single season than an entire team (yes, that happened very recently) is a fair system for all teams is ignoring reality.
That was the gripe but now those teams are forced to spend that money on improving their club, not paying down debt or fielding crap teams. The NHL should do the same thing. Gary Bettman does not understand economics, I mean why on earth would he agree to a salary cap floor that was the same for Toronto as it was for Phoenix? Since we don't seem to have any issue with how each club reports revenue why not set a cap floor based on how much revenue that teams brings in? That way you are not ignoring economics 101 and don't force a team to spend more than they make. Add in that revenue sharing slice and you pretty much force any team that accepts revenue sharing to spend to a certain threshold based on their financials from the previous year.

So simple even a caveman could do it.

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