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Originally Posted by Sydor25 View Post
And he has zero evidence that this would happen. He uses the NBA as a model? You only need 3 stars to win a championship because they play 75% of the game. At the end of this quote. he even showed why the NHL owners would never give Crosby that high of a hit.

The Pittsburgh owner would never give Crosby $12 million cap hit. It would severly limit his options to build a championship team. Success is more about depth than having a few stars like the NBA. The NBA has a 15 man roster limit, but only 12 active players for each game. Why would the NBA pay players good money for only 5-8 minutes a night? That would be like the NHL paying 4th liners millions per season. 4th liners will never get $2+ million contracts. The middle class in the NHL may get $250k-500k less per season with 5 year limits.

Why didn't this happen when the cap was introduced? Shouldn't the cap have prevented the "middle class" from growing since the superstar would take up 20% of the cap (max contracts)? Except this didn't happen in the NHL because you need depth to win. The superstars are the ones that lost the most with the last CBA, the "middle class" did the best for themselves. 5 year limits would hurt the top 5% and the "middle class" salaries will continue to grow the fastest.

How many superstars want to show how selfish they are by taking up 20% of the cap space? They will take less, like they have been for the past 7 years, to leave room for the "middle class".

Crosby could have demanded a max contract after his ELC ended and Pittsburgh would have payed it, but he didn't because he knew that there needed to be money available to build the team around him. Crosby will make way more money in endorsements than any "middle class" player ever could and it is outside the player's share of HRR. This is why Crosby will sacrifice for the team with this salary.
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