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Originally Posted by Hi-wayman View Post
Trade #1.

To Montreal: Yann Sauve, Anton Rodin
To Vancouver: Dalton Thrower, 2013 second round pick

Trade #2.

To Columbus: Keith Ballard, Bill Sweatt
To Vancouver: Colton Gillies, Cody Goloubef, 2013 second round pick

Trade #3.

To Chicago: Cory Schneider, David Booth, 2013 first round pick
To Vancouver: Brent Seabrook, Kyle Beach
First I'd do, but I wouldn't be thrilled with it (as I am sure Montreal wouldn't in on this, as for them, it is at best "change for the sake of change"), second I wouldn't be thrilled about if it were to happen (and I know Columbus doesn't have much use for Ballard at present, so again, no reason to do this) and Chicago fans will not like moving a key piece to a rival team, even if, and I know I will get bashed for this, it looks like it makes them a better team on paper. Goaltending may be a concern, but I don't see any Blackhawk fans lining up to throw a star player out to fill the need there, especially if it's us.

Originally Posted by Tortorella View Post
Beach is trash, but that's an insulting offer for Seabrook.
Insulting was Hjalmarsson for Schneider+ in some of the goalie threads. I understand not doing the trade, but if he was trying to insult the Blackhawks faithful, there are about 100 worse offers he could make.

Don't get me wrong, I like Seabrooks game, but he is in the lesser tier of star players (although he is still a star player) that Chicago has on their roster. Toews, Keith, Hossa, Sharp, Kane, Seabrook and Bolland are, who I consider, Chicago's top end talent.

Why do I bring it up like this? Because that is the return we are looking for if we were to move Schneider: A young impact player. Value might be off, and unless I missed something huge, Chicago and Seabrook have no reason to part paths, but a young star player in a position of need for a young star player who, if, in the unlikely event were to be moved, wouldn't create a gaping black hole of talent, plus some small considerations on our part, shouldn't be insulting.

For the TL;DR crowd, yeah, not a super offer from where Chicago sits, for a player in no hurry to be moved, but I don't think it is "insulting".

Originally Posted by candyman82 View Post
I don't see what Ballard really brings to the Jackets, but otherwise the value doesn't seem too horrible. However, since the Jackets aren't really in a position to compete, I can't see why they would give up futures for established players that don't fit a need.
Ballard has been horrible miscast, largely due to his injury, as well as Hamhuis playing beyond expectations, and because he plays left, where we have a log jam of players. He would improve Columbus' defense corps, if there is room for him. With your top 4 set, I thought anyway, and younger players pushing to fill remaining positions, yeah, it doesn't make a lot of sense for them at the moment. If they need a 30ish point left side defender, call us. I think we've cut you a deal for the impact he would have

Originally Posted by Frozenice View Post
How many players score more points in the NHL then they do in junior? If Jensen can get in the 30 - 40 point range like Booth, Higgins and Raymond did that would be a more reasonable expectation and there is nothing wrong with that.

29 players scored 30 goals last year, that's an average of 1 player per team scoring 30 goals.
30-40 points would be what we'd expect at minimum. Watching Jensen play, in junior, in the SEL and even in brief preseason action, the kid will score. He brings a little size, a little finesse, and good amounts of speed, hands and instinct, and most Canuck fans feel he was an absolute steal when we got him. Not unlike how Canadiens' fans feel about Thrower.

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