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Originally Posted by TieClark View Post
Ive seen the new bauers and I'm well aware of what a sharper edge can do for a goalie. That still doesn't change the fact of what is what. The average goalie cannot use 3/8... Their ankles are not strong enough and their technique is not good enough. 3/8 is drastic, if an advanced player wants it because of the extra ability to stop and push off than great. Goalies that good are not the average though, they're far better than most which leading back to my first post said, if they're good enough it makes sense but that is far from the normal.

What this seems like is you're dealing with or are part of a strong group of players rather than the everyday public. It'd be like me telling the lowest level beer leaguers that what I may do is the norm because people at my calibre often do it.
I was discussing the modern day advanced goalie. Ie the new young emerging group of goalies who are brought up with the butterfly.

Not your beer league benders who recover by pulling themselves up on the net.

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