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12-08-2012, 03:28 PM
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Originally Posted by haveandare View Post
Three thoughts I have from the past few days of debacle:

1. I can't believe that the "public" honestly has any allegiance to either of these sides at this point. All this talk about PR and frankly, I think both sides have acted with a blatant disregard for their fans, the "public," and I don't see how anybody can possibly be firmly behind either group. I understand the owners' desires more but if I saw one I'd tell him where to shove his lockout. Neither deserves anything like credit or what we'd call "good PR" and I really doubt that either side has much to speak of. Also, from day 1 I've failed to understand what the hell having the PR advantage is actually worth since it's impossible for fans to support JUST players or JUST owners. They're both arguing about all of our money. If you go to a game you support both. If you buy a jersey you support both. If you watch on TV you support both, etc. etc. etc.

2. I think a lot of the people who tend to side with the PA are drastically underestimating Bettman because he was pissed off and flustered after talks broke down. He may be calculating and devious but he is absolutely not stupid or weak. He will not be trampled in this. Neither will Fehr for his part. I'd bet almost anything that when this thing is said and done both sides will have semi-legitimate arguments about why their side won.

3. I am so, so glad that Prust isn't on this team anymore after being pretty bummed about losing him initially. He's great as a player on the ice, but boy is he terrible as a PA personality.
Well said. I used to be pro-owner and very anti-PA but I've become more neutral as I know both sides are completely at fault. Between the PA's repackaging of the same proposal over and over, players stupid tweets, Donald Fehr, etc, I can understand why people have grown to hate them. What I don't like is how ridiculously pro-owner HF is. Can someone explain to me why the owners need to have both variance and a 5 year contract term? Why does every single proposal the NHL makes have to be take it or leave it? Is it necessary to walk out of a meeting 10 minutes in because you don't like something? And then these same owners will jack up your ticket prices the minute they see fit.

I'm sorry, I can't support either side in this battle. Both have their evils. What I'm rooting for is as long of a CBA as possible and the NHL back on the ice as soon as possible.

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