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12-08-2012, 02:33 PM
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This lockout is beyond ridiculous. NHL and PA had months (if not a whole year) to negotiate and find solutions.

I blame them both. Particularly Bettman and Fehr, two jerks who are killing the Goose that laid the Golden Eggs.

I hate Fehr since the 90's with his tactics that finally destroyed OUR Montreal Expos. It certainly block them to reach the World Series in 1994. His style of negotiating (lack of) must be very frustrating for anyone across the table. He's kind of passive and a tease at the same time. An hypocrit of a large scale.

As for Bettman, my list would be too long. But, as a Commissioner, he failed badly. How could he not stop some fools to give 10-15 years contracts to some players with so much front loaded money (even few weeks and days before calling another lockout...) ? It was not the for the best of the sport for sure.

Now, it is very obvious that Bettman and some owners want to crush Fehr by overpassing him at the negotiation table. They won't succeed. They don't know the Beast. He is not another Goodenough.

These giuys, owners, players and NHL % PA bosses are TOTALLY disconnected from reality.

The money is not there anymore. Hockey is a REGIONAL game, not a NATIONAL game, outside Canada. You can'ty compare the NHL to any of the other 3 big leagues. Hockey players are dreaming if they think they can get the dough that the other athletes in these leagues are making.

Finally. Twitter is definately the worst invention of the Human kind.

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