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Originally Posted by DisgruntledHawkFan View Post
Anybody give me a scouting report on Santos? It looks like Oduro is on the way out, wants to start.
Meh player that will disappoint for 80 mins then an amazing strike makes you wonder who this guy is. I really don't like him as a player and find outside his shot brings very little to the game and tends to "float". Might be alright as a bench player is overpaid for that role though. There is a reason this is his fifth team in like 3 years.

Originally Posted by IHaveNoCreativity View Post
Wonder what's going on in Philly... Young team last year, lost MacMath.. Brought in The All and Parke..
Really like what Philly is doing. Parke will help the back line that might be losing Valdes. But if they keep him Valdes/Parke is a nice pairing (edit: Forgot they also have Soumare so lots of potential options there), which also allows you to move Okugo back to DM to replace Gomez who is gone and Caroll who is aging. Then LeToux comes back and I think he is the perfect partner for JMac. As he will do all the work on and off the ball and allow Jack to sneak in an poach goals.

Just need to figure out what is going on with Freddie and what they are going to do about the AM spot.

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