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12-08-2012, 02:49 PM
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Originally Posted by 99GoHabsGo99 View Post
Been waiting 2-3 days to play now, i've been on quite a bit looking for him, Finally caught him and we agreed to play today at
a specific time today which has now passed.., i've now been sitting here for more than an hour and i can't play until late tonight as i already have plans so don't know how this is gonna work out, can't say i haven't tried though..

edit : i can play @ 11:00 PM est if you wanna squeeze them in then
Woah hold on bro, just because you send a ton of messages all at the same time to say you are on now and can play doesn't mean you are more active then I. Wednesday I got a message at 11:24 and 11:47 PM, saying "hey I'm on now we can play". Mind you I was not on HF or xbox at this time. I sent a message back the next morning explaining that I wasn't on last night he replied asking when we could set up to play.

I said I'll be on after midnight Friday or all day Saturday. He sent one back saying ok lets play friday at midnight. An hour later said nah I can't do that anymore let's play some time tomorrow, I'll be on all day. I told him a round about time I would be getting on. I worked late last night and overslept by an hour. He has yet to tell me any times he is actually available until now saying that he will only be on at 11 tonight after saying he would be on all day today.

I realize I ****ed up and missed the time I stated which btw was "1-2-ish" in the message I sent but seriously making it sound like I'm impossible to get a hold of is a little over the top. I've responded to every message you've sent. I realize my schedule is odd for some people but I've been able to make it work in multiple leagues. If I'm not available enough for the league then so be it I don't mind stepping aside and letting someone else join but it appears you still need multiple GM's and that would probably not be conducive to the health of the league

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