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Originally Posted by Captain Bob View Post
1) Where do you think DDA money comes from?
It's a taxation district overlaid on top of a region of the city.
Taxes on future property tax increases are diverted from the places they would normally go (schools/fire/pd etc).

2) I'm glad you want tax dollars to go straight into the hands of selected rich guys. I don't..

It's great having Ford Field downtown and a new Comerica Park... but how exactly did that change Detroit?

It didn't.
1) The DDA is going to collect that tax money whether it goes to this project or not. Of course it's tax money. That still doesn't mean that it is available to schools etc.

There are a lot of developments in various forms of progress in the city right now and they ARE attracting young people to live and socialize and spend money in the city. That is a good thing. This project will help. The stadium is just part of a larger project that include streetside retail space, office space and possible housing.

2)It's not about money going to "select rich guys." Its about the money going to people who will manage it properly and get the most result per dollar. Do I trust the Ilitch's, Penske's and Gilbert's more than I trust the City's government? You bet your ass I do.

And if you don't believe that Comerica Park and Ford Field have not contributed to the progress that has been made in the city then there is no use arguing with you. Have they transformerd the city overnight? No, that's not possible. Considering the state that Detroit was in 10 years ago, it would be beyond naive to believe that Detroit could turn into a Chicago or even a Cleveland over the span of a decade. This type of project takes decades of sustained projects and coordination to happen. You can't look at one or two projects as if they exist only onto themselves and say, "whelp, that stadium has been round for 8 years and the city isn't a rolling metropolis, so its a failure." It's creating a critical mass of entertainment, housing and safety that will attract people to the city. It's happening but it needs to be sustained.

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