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Originally Posted by Pepper View Post
Indeed. Most players are probably asking why exactly are we missing the season given that the parties are very close.
I do not think they are that close. Thats Fehrs quote. Bettman says they are still far apart.

I think the two biggest issues are compliance buyouts not counting against the cap/percentage and limits to escrow. That gives the players upside that could be well above the 50% they are saying they agree to. The league wants 50/50, not guarnteed 50% but the players can make more.

Basically this whole thing really came apart when Fehr asked for them to "pay for the lockout" Since then every proposal from the players has a poison pill to the owners in case revenues drop. Technically what the players can make is open ended, and in theory the owners could be mandated to pay the players more than 100% of revenue (although obviously thats not going to happen, its for illustration purposes). The owners simply consider that far to great a risk to take on.

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