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Originally Posted by y2kcanucks View Post
Actually he didn't nearly lose gold for Canada, but it's funny the double standard you have in your post.

Luongo has absolutely been better than Price. Two years ago he was a Vezina finalist, and last year he had better numbers than Price.
Yes: I'm sure that having a team that's better in both offence and defence than Price's has no impact on his numbers.

He played like crap: "All of Canada held it's breath when Luongo was forced to make a save." The guy just had to play well enough not to lose, and he was one Pavelski knuckler away from doing just that.

Price almost lost the Gold for Canada? When was this? And if he hasn't (which he hasn't) how is it a double standard?

You are the one with the double standard: Not taking into account Luongo's all-around better team than Price's.

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