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Originally Posted by JAX View Post
That's been my biggest prob with the whole process, the PA could have bargained hard from the oct. offer to see if they could have got favourable numbers on make whole and save an 82 game schedule. But the PA never even considered that and brought in the delinked offers Fehr knew would be thrown out just to drag this on.
Right. The point is, if you know your offers are $500M apart and that your side loses at least $500M if you don't take a deal pretty much immediately, the only thing that makes financial sense is fighting for as many concessions as you can get on that October offer as you can and calling it a day. It was in October that the PA reached the point where it didn't make financial sense for them anymore to keep negotiating.

So what Fehr should've done is tried to take back as many of the contracting terms as he could, and I'd bet he'd probably be able to get at least $100M of make whole money out of the owners, and get his guys back on the ice Nov. 2. That would've been their welfare maximizing solution. Not only that, but I bet future HRR would have been much improved if we weren't talking about losing fans from having a shortened season. I know I'm not going back.

But if you're going to keep negotiating, you MUST MUST MUST have a strategy to get back more than the cost of negotiating. And it's been plain since Fehr and Bettman exchanged offers that were only $500M apart, days before the PA consented to lose more than that sum in negotiating costs, that the PA had no such strategy. That's why Fehr should be getting run out of town. He simply isn't working off a strategy that gives the players their best interests.

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