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12-08-2012, 03:17 PM
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Originally Posted by The OttoMan Lion View Post
I'm gonna spin this positively - he knows the NHL will be back and he feels that the conditioning in the Finnish league, while top notch, is not enough for him. He will spend the next 2 weeks becoming a true man, at which point the NHL will resume gameplay.
He is going home to get into superstar shape, partaking in a montage starting off with him being stoned by a goalie, cut to some scenes of him lifting rocks in the BC wilderness, running up a mountain with his crush secretly watching from a window, go to some scenes of him watching an old man drawing up some plays on a chalkboard, and end with him blowing a shot past the goalie, and straight through the net, with the old man nodding approvingly, stating he is now ready.

All with Push it to the Limit blasting in the background

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