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Originally Posted by iamjs View Post
To me, that's two different questions.

If your boss is dropping F bombs, it really depends on the situation. If its in a meeting or if it's informal usage and the rest of the team is fine with it, then I have no problem with it. If he's using it in a way to talk down to somebody, that's not cool.

Which leads me to the second part...

Referring to the women around the office and *****es and hoes, definitely not cool. I'm sure there's something in writing that says nobody is allowed to use those words. Maybe not those words directly, but I'm sure there's a general rule about not using words that would fall under harassment. If you really wanted to, and I don't know the environment of your office, I'm sure there is a legit HR issue if there are parties that are offended.
It would have been funny if i recorded it, boss was going off for like 15mins straight ha. He was a cool guy at first but when he started going off to me about the girls in the office and refering to them as B and C, ____ was such a B to me this morning, shes such a C. F this, f that lol. I immedaitely thought he was a total nut.

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