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12-08-2012, 04:48 PM
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looks like Slovan is doing really well!! Like I predicted a playoff contender. Also if they manage to charge 30 Euros per seat per game on average, then (30E)x(10,055)=301,650. with further expanstion we could assume at least 60 regular season games, so (301,650)x(30home games)= 9,049,500

9 mil just from tickets. Then we have merchandise and food, beer sold at games. Advertisements. Also in another thread I heard KHL TV might be paying dividents to its clubs. Which came out to a few million if I remember correctly.
It could be that Slovan will have around 15 million euro so $19.4mil income
and thats excluding the playoffs!

I know these are rough numbers and there are variables, but still it is a very good prospect. Top teams in other European leagues operate on $11million budgets

This surge may be interesting to explore when talking about Finnish and other teams. If Milan generated even a fraction of Slovan, that from nothing would be very impressive and certainly alot easier to sponsor.

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