Thread: Raptors Discussion: v.23: The Return of Kyle Lowry
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12-08-2012, 03:52 PM
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I definitely put most of the blame on BC since he has not provided Casey with a talented enough roster, but I still question some of Casey's decisions. I feel like he hasn't been holding players accountable this season. There have been multiple times this season where Davis was playing really well and he was replaced with a struggling Bargs. Does Casey or our assistant come up with the offensive plays after time-outs? Because who ever makes the plays make terrible plays. Maybe that's just the players not executing what the coach wants, but it's pretty concerning. The team is looking more and more lost and I can't help, but get the sense that Casey isn't hard enough on the players about this. Too many times on offense one guy is trying to do it all by themselves, and on defense we leave wide open threes and constantly leave open lanes to the net. He doesn't seem overly concerned in his interviews and likes to point out the problem, but then our team just repeats it the next game. I won't be too hard on him about this part though since I have no clue how hard he is on the players in practice. Personally I think he does best as an assistant coach that just focuses on the defense. Hopefully BC is fired, and the new GM brings in some talent for Casey and then Casey proves me wrong.

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