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12-08-2012, 04:10 PM
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Have to admit I'm rather suprised by the results. I haven't been following the lockout that closely until recently because I'm disgusted by the whole thing, but I thought a majority of the fans would be on the players side since they're the ones that are making all the concessions.

I was very much pro-owners during the last lockout because the players were making way too much & I felt the league needed a cap for its long-term health. This time around after seeing revenues go up so much, I'm not sure why the NHL is looking to beat the NHLPA so soundly other than because they can. I realize there are a number of teams struggling, but I feel this is more on the owners part to fix since they're the ones that took all the expansion money to bring these teams into the league and now do little in revenue sharing to help them survive. Not saying that the player's cut shouldn't be going down to 50%, but for as much as the NHL cries poverty for many of its teams they don't do much to help each other out.

Also, with this being the 3rd lockout of Bettman's tenure it's tough not to believe that this is part of his plan. Didn't his initial offer after the lockout already started come in around 43% or so for the players?

Regardless of who's to blame, I want to see them all suffer. I'm sick of the fans being taken for granted and whenever they do return would love nothing more than to see largely empty arenas and a drop in revenue that will take years to recover. I came back 110% after the last lockout because as much as it sucked royally to lose a season, I at least understood that it was unfortunately necessary for the good of the game. This time, I don't see anything but greed driving this and a lot of my passion for the game is gone.

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