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Originally Posted by Fanned On It View Post
I think you have to admit that you're missing the point... you can sharpen goalie skates at whatever hollow you want REGARDLESS of how wide the blade is. Most of the goalies in my rink (whom I sharpen skates for) use anything within the 5/8-1/4 range. More of them seem to be going 1/2" and deeper nowadays.

I think you're mind is just still thinking old-school when goalies needed to slide across the crease on their skates. Now, goalies love that extra bite that 3/8" would give them because they can launch themselves across the crease harder and faster while they're in butterfly (sliding on the pads as opposed to on the skates). This is at least what a bunch of goalies have told me.
Of course you CAN. I never said you couldn't do it at any radius, I said it was extreme at that radius which it is. Just like in that Penguins list posted... Gonchar gets his skates done at 1" which is very extreme as evidenced by the comparables around the team. Doesn't mean you CAN'T sharpen at that, just that it's uncommon.

Whether or not narrower hollows are becoming more frequent for goalies is irrelevant as 1/4 is still extreme and far from the norm. I've sharpened maybe 2 pairs of goalie skates at 1/4 in my life whereas nearly every pair of goalie skates that comes in here is at something wider than 1/2".

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