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Originally Posted by Ragamuffin Gunner View Post
As for the "who does the 5 year term hurt" argument, IMO it hurts the star players much more than the mid tier guys. The PA is just saying that it will kill the middle class as a PR stunt.

No team is going to pay someone 10M+ a season and kill their depth, let alone 3-5 guys 8M+. This isn't the NBA where 2-3 guys can make you a great team, you need depth to compete in the NHL.

By not being able to circumvent the cap, high end players will have to take much less salary than what they're getting right now. TBH, there isn't enough cap space to fit all these guys on circumvention deals to go around.
If I was the NHL, I'd lower the max salary to 15% of the cap from 20% and then say "There, that helps your middle class, no?"

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