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12-08-2012, 04:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Lebowski View Post
Well, in 10-11 all he would've needed is 18 goals/ 54 points in the remaining 41 games of the seasons to get 50 goals/120 points, which is almost .1 below his career PPG. It's safe to assume he would've easily achieved 120 points that year, and possibly even 130+ pts, considering he was coming off a 25 games 50 points streak.

Last season, Crosby was almost playing at a 1,7 PPG clip. He would've needed 42 goals in the remaining 60 games (unlikely, but not impossible) to get 50 goals, and 83 points over the last 60 games to get 120 points, which is slightly below is career average PPG.

All in all, I think he would've easily get 50 goals / 120+ points in 10-11, and while 50 goals would've been harder to achieve last season, he was on pace to get much more than 120 points (138, to be exact). And that's without accounting for the time he lost due injury, which most definitely made him rusty at times.
True, but how about the seasons prior? This OP is asking how what he would average if he never got injured and if there is no lockout. In his first few years, he wouldn't be averaging this, which will bring down his average that the poll is asking for.

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