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12-08-2012, 05:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Jaromir Jagr View Post
Says the person with DZ in his avatar?

Most players have been equally as bad. Any player voicing their twitter rants in an attempt to win over the fans hasn't gone about the process the right way. Posting facts is one thing; opinions another.

DZ has been a violator and problem on Twitter since long before the lockout - hence the reason Torts had big issues with his maturity and still does.

The younger players do tend to post more (since the technology is more in their time frame), and therefore tend to ***** more.

The fact of the matter is this: any instance of an NHL player comparing this to real life is blasphemy. There is no comparison. Not one. Even a floater making NHL's entry-level pay at roughly $500,000 makes more money than the average family does in the U.S. in ten years or more.

There is not ONE comparison for families struggling to pay bills, struggling with foreclosure, struggling with credit, trying to feed their kids and much more then an NHL'er playing a child's game and making God-like money. There is no disputing this.

By the way: the fans are the ones responsible for everyone involved in these labor negotiations salaries. The same fans who struggle daily put forth a small percentage of their money each to enjoy the sport that's a graceful part of life throughout our short time here. When added up, all these small percentages of money from low-income families add up to the massive salaries responsible for the overindulgence by very talented people playing a child's game. Therefore, there is not one suitable explanation for lockouts and labor negotiation issues.
Exactly. As long as you are not an idiot and manage your money well and don't blow it all at a strip club or on ridiculous cars, then even just few years in the NHL will put you in a better financial situation than the average person.

The problem for a lot of these athletes is that they don't know how to do that. They get their money, blow it, and then have to rely on getting another big paycheck in the future.

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