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12-08-2012, 04:33 PM
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i can't believe we're still discussing this. When will people realize this is a video game. I would love if every game played like a real hockey game, but until the the video games get to a real-life virtual reality type level, real hockey and EA hockey will significantly different.

I've tried not using any "exploits" and just playing straight real-life-style hockey,.. and guess what ill score 1 or 2 goals if im lucky and lose.

The bottom line is the top players know how and when to use these "exploits" or have excellent vision.

But tuffleshuffle has provided the best explanation ive seen to date: it all comes down to defense. that will separate the one-trick-poniers from the actually good players, and prevent the mass majority of these "exploit-glitches" every continues to bi*tch about.

/end rant

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