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12-08-2012, 04:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Babel View Post
Stollies opened again after the fire but closed shortly after. As for Attic, it turned into Funky Town, Funky Town is now closed and upstairs is being reno'd to be an addition to Tilted Kilt (Old Savoy).
Ahh. It seems like every bar I used to go to in Edmonton when I was a youngin is gone these days. I think the only one still there is the Onion, but I'd only go there for the cheap drinks from 8-9 before going elsewhere.

I remember this one other club I used to go to, had a hockey rink attached to the side of it...Think it was called the Inferno or something like that...Think it was renamed Overdrive after a while, then who the hell knows after that. That place was like shooting fish in a barrel on ladies night.

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