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Originally Posted by Drydenwasthebest View Post
Do you actually read and at least TRY to understand what I write?


No, I am not "envious", I am pointing out a bunch of facts about what the players receive for playing hockey as a living. I am pointing out facts about how many benefits the players get above and beyond just their salaries. I am showing what the players "get" on the whole so that people understand that they are on the receiving end of a ton of perks that are not included in a CBA negotiation but are real bonuses that the players get and that are paid for, or arranged, by the owners. I am not pointing out that their "star" status is a problem, I am pointing out that it is ONE of the things the players "get" by being part of the NHL. You seem to have glossed over all of the other valid things the players "get" that the OWNERS pay for that are not part of the CBA negotiations just so you could try and dismiss my argument with a childish and immature attempt to misdirect people from my overall point.

Maybe you will read this post and try to answer...ahh, never mind. You won't.
yup, you're envious and it shows.

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