Thread: News Article: Seguin will play in Switzerland
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12-08-2012, 04:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Kaoz View Post
Fair enough, I will ignore literally every article and sports site out there whom all claim he's 5'9" and instead accept your measurements as fact.

Just one question though, did Marchand get really uncomfortable when you initially broke out the tape measure?

"You want to know my height... oh thank god"
you got me, except he didn't freak out because he was sleeping when i pulled out the tape measure

so is it 5 9 or 5 10? because I would have given it to you if you had said 5 9, but the 10 caught my eye

ya, you probably should ignore them and perhaps just take the word of people who have been face to face, like myself, or Dellstrom

Originally Posted by Dellstrom View Post
A year and a half ago I was 5'9 and I had an inch, maybe two on Marshy at the kickoff thing when they went on the bus to Vancouver. I was right in front of him and he was pretty damn short.

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