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12-08-2012, 04:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Vankiller Whale;56374723[B
]Congratulations, you think one of the points is more likely to occur than not. [/B] I think it's far more likely that there will still be cap floor teams in 5 years time than not. Florida especially will be interested in bringing Luongo back at a cheap price as a former franchise player.

There are so many possibilities it's absurd to think Luongo will force himself on a team until he's 42 when he isn't wanted there.
Last time, you havent been paying attention. What happens with the CBA has nothing to do with what you or I want, what I believe will happen, is what has been discussed and brought up several times, and that is teams will no longer be able to bury contracts. Its that simple. How and why you think that a team that takes that contract, the cap hit will magically disapear when Lou no longer wants to play or declines is baffling. So you also believe that cost conscious teams will take on Lou's contract to meet the cap, while not having that contract insured on a player who is likely on the decline at that time, and give up significant assets in the process? You honestly dont think that do you? I mean seriously.

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