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Originally Posted by KingLB View Post
I know he doesn't exactly fit your criteria....but this is bullsh!t....people were talking about Bale diving just a few weeks ago. Its now the go to defense for any "foreign players" team to say when a player gets called out for a completely obvious dive.
No it isn't. Look up the discussion after Bale's disgraceful dive against Villa and see what you find. Not a single thing during the game and nothing after until I posted something for one of the most clear and ridiculous dives you'll ever see, when Guzan had a canyon of space between both him and Bale. Gerrard used to dive all the time and everyone would keep schtum and criticize Ronaldo instead, sorry but there's a clear double standard and it just so happens to be with foreign players, perhaps it's because the commentators villainize the foreigners and don't say much about their countrymen doing it, hm?

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