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Originally Posted by molsonmuscle360 View Post
Generally when someone starts something "with all due respect" or "I don't mean to offend" they mean the exact opposite. If you aren't one of those people, I apologize, it's just, as I'm sure your aware, your writing style can come off as very condescending.
With all due respect is stated by me as its written. So people won't take offence. That is the proper use of the term. Not wanting to be argumentative here but you're imaging I'm being condescending, calling me out on it, and without apparently noticing you are presently being unpleasant doing so. Not sure what you mean by how I write as I like to express myself clearly. Sometimes I'm tongue in cheek when I'm strickly jk around. Sometimes in the discussion theres also the banter and prodding which we all do. But I think you're overstating me being out of line here.

My "hellhole" comment about Edmonton is a very common concern with people from other areas outside of Edmonton that come into the city for various reason and on occasion use the Greyhound to get there. I personally will not drive on 63 during the winter, so if I want to go to Edmonton, I take the bus. I have spent time with friends all over the city of Edmonton. I have never been harassed or bothered anywhere else in the city except within the area near the Greyhound station and the Baccarat. I know 3 people that have been mugged in that area, including one guy who was stabbed when he was mugged.
Bus stations are the worst places anywhere. But still, on a scale downtown simply isn't dangerous. its more dangerous than it used to be but if we're comparing it to most US cities it certainly isn't.

The downtown area needs revitalization. An arena would be just one of many things that could be added to help out mind you. I don't think just one thing will bring people there. But if you have the Arena, plus some nice restaurants and bars. Maybe even an art gallery and small theater (not movie) in the area as well. Those things will bring people to the downtown area, especially those coming from out of town, who now just book it for the River Cree.
Downtown has revitilized quite a lot and is undergoing what could be called a boom right now. Certainly in terms of residential starts, resto/bars its up and running. Its not like theres a shortage downtown of nightlife, pubs, clubs, bars restos ect. The Citadel theatre is very nice as well. Its unappreciated imo.

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