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12-08-2012, 06:11 PM
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Term Limits

For my point of view, this is where I see the contractual issues that are delaying the CBA agreement.

1) Term length of 5 years. I heard on HockeyCentral that the NHL would allow teams to re-sign their own players to 7 year deals, but a guy like B. Richards moving from Dallas to NYR would have only been allowed to sign for 5 as an example.

NHL - wants to limit term to prevent back diving deals. But, if the NHL gets its way with the variance in ssalary limitation, term length should not be too much of an issue IMO. As a fan however, I'd rather side with the owners on term length. If you look at it, NHLers, have basically signed 5 to 7 year deals after their ELC. Crosby, Malkin, Nash, Kovalchuk, Stamkos, etc. Only a handful like M. Richards, Backstrom, Ovy signed double digit term deals after their ELC.
If the term limit is accepted, then a Player comes into the league at 18-20. 3 yr ELC takes them to 21-23. Sign 2nd contract of 5 years to age 26-28. Sign 3rd contract to age 31 - 33. Sign 4th contract to age 36-38.
Right now, you see players at age 27-30 sign a 3rd contract that takes to them to their retirement, doing deals to 10-13 years in length. Basically combining the 3rd and 4th contract together. Back diving deal allows them to do this.

Personally, I'd rather see a term limit. NBA has a term limit now of 6 years.

2 - Back diving deals. I think most people want to see this eliminated. I personally feel that every dollar a player is paid needs to be applied to the salary cap at some point. If these players like Luongo, Hossa, Crosby, Parise, etc. all retire with 2 or 3 years left on their deals, that's at least $10 million of salary that the player was paid that will never be applied against the salary cap. That needs to be fixed.

CBA Length. I think a longer term deal is better. NHL is going to need to repair the damage it has caused. NBA went through 2 work stoppages in the millennium. Spurs won it during a shortened season a while back and the Heat won it last season. But, there needs to be labour peace for a while.

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